Slow Fashion is our answer to the silent but ever growing plague of producing lookalikes of high couture designs in sweatshops all around the Asian continent (and not only...).
Fast production to quickly fill the racks of retail chains shops, where consumers buy apparel for few bucks, mostly thrown away a few weeks later.
What we do
While big fast-fashion corporations run like mad to copycat luxury brands, Sandaly is proud to work with small, family-run artisan workshops.
We create one collection a year, respecting the time needed to transform the raw hides into leather, and the leather into durable sandals.
The production process of our sandals involves:
- Tannery in Tuscany, to transform raw hides into leather (30/45 days)
-  Accessory makers workshop, mixing and matching Swarovski, Preciosa and other stones into beautiful, sparkly uppersoles (10/15 days)
- Packaging company, producing our beautiful branded boxes.
- An artisans workshop, the core of the production, where 30 people are involved full time, producing soles and heels, mounting upper soles and preparing the shipments (45/60 days)
All these steps are required to guarantee you the best possible quality, durability and comfort, for years to come.
We Care about Sustainability...
Sandaly works exclusively with suppliers adhering to the strict rules and regulations of the Consortium "Cuoio di Toscana" (
Our sandals are made out of 100% certified Tuscan leather, coming from the waste of the food industry;a process that adds value to an otherwise disposed material.
... and Traceability
Each pair of Sandaly has three elements guaranteeing the quality of the material and of the product itself:
1) Authenticity card: this tag certifies the leather used during the production of the sandals, and includes the ID code of the leather tannery involved in the production process.
2) Stamp: Consortium Cuoio di Toscana's stamp can be found on the sole of each sandal produced, guaranteeing a product made following the highest standards of quality.
This is our commitment to guarantee the best quality in the market, while keeping under control the environmental impact of our product.
In a nutshell:
When you buy Sandaly, you:
1- Say NO to fast-fashion and the waste of materials and precious energy it involves.
2- Choose QUALITY over QUANTITY.
3- Buy durable, versatile sandals to wear more than just a few times.
4- Support artisanal workshops, age old traditions, and family run businesses to be passed over to the next generations.
5- Trust a home-grown brand, and its mission to bring a piece of Italian design, tradition and quality to the Middle East.