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Welcome to the Sandaly Style Guides, your destination for outfit combinations, wardrobe hacks and style confidence! My name is Taryn Meyer, Style Advisor with Method39, and Sandaly has brought me here to show you DIFFERENT WAYS to step out in your new favorite footwear.
I’m about to bring 13 years of fashion experience to you in this blog, and help you infuse versatility into every wardrobe so you can create multiple looks with each piece you own.
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You won’t just see the styles you love in action; but this will also be a place where we love to encourage personal growth, promote self confidence and empower women to look and feel their best. We want to showcase versatility, how to create your own personal style, and how becoming the best you, starts one step at a time. And it starts now!
Friends, when I tell you I was excited to style this Sandaly, I am not kidding. If you know me, and have been following me for a while, you know that a faux snake skin is MY JAM!! For sure, this is one of the best patterns and textures to add to an outfit, so to have it in a versatile sandal, is just icing on the cake.
Let’s dive into the ways to style this Sandaly. It’s neutral tones; but yet it says something bold. Agropoli can be paired with absolutely anything, so it’s going to be a style you wear often!
With Spring in the air, florals are coming out. Let’s face it, dresses are just the easiest piece of clothing in our wardrobe to put on; but don’t forget to personalize them! It allows you to wear it more often, without looking exactly the same as the last time. That’s so key to getting versatility out of items you own that may have bold prints, patterns or colors. And the gold sole and accents on the Agropoli are an easy match with this look.
For this look, let’s start with a really comfy off the shoulder dress. Maybe you have something similar, even if it’s not a floral pattern? While it has an elasticized waistband, a FAVORITE way to polish a dress like this off, is of course, a belt. You probably remember that from my article on styling the Sorrento! This one is a bit wider, which makes sure it covers the entire built-in elastic waistline, so now it looks like a more custom fit. Instant polish!
This same belt was used to cinch in a flowy, backless sundress, and with its neutral tones and matte silver grommets, it creates perfect flow with this floral pattern as well. Do you notice how it breaks up the large pattern nicely while accentuating a waistline? 
Does it make you think of some of the dresses hanging in your closet that might have some new life breathed into them with this little add? Belting can also help to bring up the hemline just enough to show off your fab Sandaly’s (wink wink).
Finishing this look off with a cool pair of aviator shades, a gold and tortoise shell chain necklace, some matching earrings, gold bangles and a neutral bag. This is an effortlessly casual and chic look that you can feel both dressed up for a special outing, or running errands. Get your weekend off to a great start with a look something like this!
Build your own Weekender look like this with:
Dress: anything floral, pattered, long or mid length (be careful belting shorter hemlines, as it shortens the dress, and ones with pockets adds bulkier fabric at the hips)
Belt: neutral, fabric or leather
Bag: neutral; but a different texture than your belt
Accessories: your favorite metallic finish. Don’t forget about mixing metals, it goes with anything
Shoes: Sandaly Agropoli

Can I just say, this combination of Kelly green and navy is completely underrated!! Throw in the gold accents from accessories to the Agropoli’s adds instant polish! Kelly green is a true green, one or two steps away from a jewel tone, and I think it is potentially complimentary for almost anyone! The navy is a very strong color that is often worn in a professional wardrobe, so instead of doing the expected of pairing this blouse with a navy trouser, I went BOLD with color! And what a wow factor that made!! 
May I encourage you to take a step back from the expected every once in a while? What color combo can you create from what’s in your wardrobe, that you’ve never tried? Maybe burgundy and bright orange? Powder blue and cherry red? Dark purple and bright yellow? Take a patterned top and pair it with the BRIGHTEST but least seen color in it. Now we are talkin’! OH, and when it comes to trousers, the cropped version shows off your Sandaly perfectly.
Looking at this blouse, I think Fall / Winter; but these pants say Spring / Summer, so this is an awesome example of how you can take a few things from different seasons and create crossover looks. You’ll get way more bang for your style buck, and create some pretty great looks. Your classic and versatile wardrobe will have pieces that can be worn for multiple seasons and always look fresh.
Finishing off this outfit with a textured skinny tan belt, all gold accessories, a super cute to go mug, that just happens to scream Spring / Summer as well, AND, coordinate with the often too full laptop bag! 
Now, you don’t have to go that far when accessorizing, to be honest this bag was just a happy accident; but it is a great example of how outfits that coordinate, not necessarily match, is a fun way to look at putting your style together for different seasons. And having that neutral Agropoli Sandaly shoe with a fun pattern / texture is the perfect finish.
Build your own Off to Work look:
Blouse: one with two or more colors in it to get creative with; have the primary color be your most flattering
Trousers: look for ones that compliment one of the secondary colors in the blouse. When paired, this will make that color look more obvious; but still not take over as the primary color
Belt: neutral and textured
Bag: neutral tones; but having an unexpected, not really matching color is totally fine and just shows you don’t try to make everything match exactly (and it’s way easier to just pair your one or two favorite bags with everything you own!)
Accessories: chunky gold chain, fun sparkly rings
Shoes: Sandaly Agropoli
What is better, my style loving friends, than when we find that perfect combination of pieces that we feel amazing in? Confidence goes through the roof! Let’s find that for you too! And that fab look you are wishing for, might already be hanging in your closet, so let’s take a deep dive into your wardrobe, and see how we can wear pieces we already own, in a fresh new way, shall we?!
What makes it a look you can love? A blazer is a strong piece. Red is a bold color, and the structure of it shows a well defined shoulder (this is GREAT for ladies who have more narrow shoulders naturally!). Also, there is the tapered waist, interesting details like no lapel or buttons, and a lighter colored lining that shows when you roll up the sleeve! Yep, that blazer packs a punch. Knowing the colors you love next to your face will really help you find pieces you love wearing!
Next, a statement necklace. This one shown is definitely a wow factor piece!  But, that said, if a bold structured blazer is feeling like a lot, you could absolutely finish this look with long layered delicates. Do you like a mix of gold and silver? You can mix your metals while accessorizing, so no matter what you choose, it’s going to be just right with the faux snake skin on the Agropoli Sandaly. Don’t you love it when an outfit looks effortless?! 
A plain white tank is something almost all of us have, so that’s a great casual pairing with a blazer and denim. And, if you are comfortable rocking the the crop top styles, that would look really great under this too! Get it girl!
This style of high waisted jeans are fab to consider adding to your wardrobe. They fit nice and snug up top; but aren’t a tight, skinny jean, so the proportion of the jeans and the jacket works well. The big cuff is personal preference; but it does allow to show off that Agropoli a whole lot better!
I mean, where COULDN’T you wear this look? Head to an art gallery, an open air market, or a patio to grab some pizza and wine.
Build your own Good Vibes look:
Blazer: it doesn’t have to be a big bold color. Do you have one from a suit that you have and only wear with the matching trousers? Start with that! Black, navy or neutral will be totally fab.
White Tank: this one is a ribbed fabric; but a plain white style is perfect. It can be a tank or a t-shirt, and any neckline you love. My only tip is if the T or tank is too loose fitting, it can get bunched up and read as bulky under the blazer. (PS, don’t forget to wear a nude bra under a white top! The closer to your skin tone the better, so it doesn’t show through)
Jeans: girl, get your faves out! Cropped, high waisted, flares, skinny….it’s up to you! My style tip, the darker the wash, the less casual they will read; but that said, a structured blazer with distressed denim…can be so chic.
Belt: textured or patterned
Bag: have some fun. Patterns and color add to any outfit; but when it’s on your bag, you don’t have to wear it, it’s just a finishing piece.
Accessories: Statement necklace - this one is called the Pegasus, and it comes in both gold and silver from Stella & Dot. I got it when I lived in Texas and it’s proven to be a go to piece. Keep your eyes open for things like this to add to your accessory wardrobe! So of course I also added a chunky gold arm party; but a stud earring. When going big on the necklace, go understated on the earring.
Shoes: Sandaly Agropoli
 Friends, with spring in the air, or even just a moment where you are craving something bright and bold in your wardrobe, time to try something new. I know what it’s like to want to make sure everything feels “safe”, and that makes it versatile, right? Well, let’s think differently for a moment. Color can put a smile on your face when you least expect it! And smiles are contagious so spread those around as often as you can.
Like when you come across a beautiful bloom, whether in a landscaped garden or a bouquet, don’t you just feel something when you see all the colors? Create a bouquet in your wardrobe. Start slowly, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your wardrobe. Keep a list of your favorite colors, ones you’d like to wear more of, and then, every once in a while, browse what’s in stores. Be patient, it’s a virtue in everything, including when your style is evolving. And please, please, please, try things on! Even better, take a friend you trust to tell you the truth. There is the perfect shade of every color in the color wheel out there waiting for you. And when you find it, you’ll know. It will light you up, and the world needs to see you shine my friend.
 The next time you add color to your wardrobe, add your favorite Sandaly to it, and tag both @tarynjmeyer and @mysandaly to show us your new look! We want to be the first to give you that boost of confidence, in trying something new and stepping outside your comfort zone in not only your fabulous Italian Leather Sandaly’s; but in a renewed sense of self confidence.
I want to share a story with you. In my very first presentation, in my very first month working with my Accessory brand, I had a woman who was very uncomfortable approaching the display of pieces she could try on. I tried to coax her over; but soon realized she was incredibly uncomfortable being there with the other ladies. The idea of bringing any attention to herself was stopping her in her tracks from getting a closer look.
Can I tell you the moment that table was empty, she snuck away from the group and was looking through all of it. Every piece. So many things she was interested in and wanted to try. I’m so grateful she allowed me to come over and engage in conversation with her. We talked about what she liked and disliked; but her eyes kept going to this very bold and unusual multi strand of pearls in a palm green color with a crystal and turquoise starfish broach. And I saw while she was looking at all the “safe” styles, the bold and unusual kept her attention.
Friends, when I tell you this woman lit up when we put that necklace on her, I am not even close to exaggerating. Three strands of palm green pearls with a turquoise embroidery thread knot in between each pearl, and a super cool broach on the side. Glorious.
Her cheeks flushed with color, her eyes sparkled, she stood up a little straighter while looking at her reflection, and the smile was a mile wide. I almost got tears in my eyes when I saw her very clear reaction. That was almost 10 years ago and I remember it like yesterday. I believe every woman should feel that way, if not with just one “go to” really great outfit, or their whole wardrobe. What are we waiting for? Why do we play it safe so often, when something that really speaks to us with it’s color, design, style; but yet we ignore how it actually makes us FEEL?
I love you beige; but NOT TODAY!!
xo Taryn Meyer for Method39
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