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Dhs. 990

Bask in the ultimate luxe of Maiori; bold yet elegant, it stands out to turn heads with its carefully handmade design.

Comfort is key with the soft footbed and padded sole, while the full black suede strap is adorned with a glittering jewel snake.

With Swarovski Oktant rhinestones and Preciosa glass rhinestones adding further touches of glamour, Maiori is perfect for long, busy days.

Crafted with a golden/white/black snake-shaped jewel accessory and a 1cm heel, this statement piece ensures you look your best.


Our sandals are true-to-size.


 EU US UK mm
35 4 2 212
36 5 3 220
37 6 4 229
38 7 5 237
39 8 6 246
40 9 7 254
41 10 8 262
42 11 9 270
43 12 10 278
44 13 11 286


If you have any questions and/or doubt, feel free to contact us at or DM us on Instagram, and our team will assist you.


Sandaly offer the best of comfort for all occasions.

How to wear and maintain your Sandaly:

To preserve its integrity, aspect and quality, put your Sandaly in a dry place, possibly inside its dust bag.

Try avoiding wearing Sandaly on sandy soils, like at the beach or in the desert, or wet/humid surfaces.

Sandaly leather color reflects the natural color of the animal skin, with minimal to none chemical treatment during the production phases.

How to clean your Sandaly:

We suggest to use a dry cloth, to gently pass on the surface of the sandal to remove impurities.

We suggest to avoid all types of solvents, soaps, shoe or leather cleaners (or liquids in general) on Sandaly surface, as they might get absorbed and change irremediably the look and feel of the sandals.

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