"It's real Made in Italy only when the entire production takes place in Italy"
Sandaly was created to give a choice to women, footwear that trascend the ever-changing trends of fashion and represents instead a timeless style that focuses on traditions, like our artisans' skills that pass down from father to son since centuries.
Our sandals are made with love and high quality craftsmanship, ensuring they will last you a lifetime.
We believe high quality products, especially artisanal, should be accessible to all. And thanks to the continuous progress of online shopping, we’re able to cut out the middle-man and connect our artisans to the people.
So, feel at ease knowing that our production, distribution and communication process makes us closer to you.
Coming from two far-away corners of the world, we, Gabriele and Mae, left our home countries and met in Dubai in 2017.
Fast forward to 2020, it was in the midst of the world facing a pandemic crisis and most of us were forced to stay home when we realized how unpredictable things can be, and that’s what pushed us to give our baby project a shot.
We wanted to bring to the Middle East something that represents Italy as much as gastronomy, design and art, something not easy (if not impossible) yet to find in the market and at the same time keep an eye on tradition and environment. 
We soon realized the business was actually going to be rooted in Gabriele's turf in Southern Italy, when an unplanned visit sparked the idea of bringing the beautiful, locally handmade sandals out to the world.
One word to describe it, it is tradition.
Creating high quality sandals has long been part of the local culture in the small villages of the Amalfi Coast, home of hardworking artisans, artists, and fashion designers.
We use only natural and compostable leather tanned in Tuscany, embellished with original Swarovski crystals, handcrafted by expert artisan pair after pair, with love and passion.
From our carefully selected Tuscan leather, to the family-run factories located in small towns around the Amalfi Coast, to when the sandals reach Dubai, we ensure the best quality of products get to you.
These pairs of sandals are made to serve women around the world, and in a world that talks about moving into a virtual reality, our sandals help centuries-old craftsmanship stay alive.