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Welcome to the Sandaly Style Guides, your destination for outfit combinations, wardrobe hacks and style confidence!!
My name is Taryn Meyer, Style Advisor with Method39, and Sandaly has brought me here to show you ALL THE WAYS to step out in your new favorite footwear.
I’m about to bring 13 years of fashion experience to you in this blog, and help you infuse versatility into every wardrobe so you can create multiple looks with each piece you own.
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You won’t just see the styles you love in action; but this will also be a place where we love to encourage personal growth, promote self confidence and empower women to look and feel their best.
I assure you, we will not just show off the shoes; but showcase their versatility, how to create your own personal style, and how becoming the best you, starts one step at a time. And it starts now!
Ok, I’m going to be honest, I got really excited when I saw these Sandaly sandals. They also come in other finishes; but this bronze is MY JAM! So versatile, so easy to wear and such a different design than you typically see out in stores.
I love the feathers, and quite frankly first thought of Pegasus, from Greek Mythology; but truthfully, Scario is named after an Italian village, and because of its location, has some seriously strong tourist appeal.
Threw on your Scario’s and head to Italy for a vacation! These sandals seem to say, let’s get outside, so here’s a few ways I’ve created looks around their fabulous design.
Heading off to a full day of work, meetings all over the place and that networking lunch you just remembered about! The Scario pairs nicely with your work wear, so you still have some glam, metallic shine but most of all, comfort, as you head out.
When looking to put an outfit together, a great tip is to start with a piece you know you will be, or really want to, wear.
It could even be something like this larger scale laptop bag. It’s neutral; but because of the color and texture, it doesn’t compete with any of the pieces, just adds interest and detail. 
Maybe you really love a Fall / Winter color, and pair with a light colored Spring / Summer style trouser, and you, dear reader, are getting some serious versatility out of your wardrobe!
Since the bag is neutral, it gives us permission to either be monochrome, or… bold. How about this dark purple blouse in a satin like fabric, with the classic white trouser? You could quite literally choose any statement color that you love best on you, or go ahead and try something new.
The white trouser and laptop bag (which is super easy to coordinate with something as simple as tying a beautiful neck scarf to it. SO Miranda Priestly - Devil Wears Prada of us!) are just the supporting act.
When creating this look I couldn’t decide on the slim or wide leg trouser, so you get BOTH! Sometimes it really helps us be inspired by seeing all kinds of combinations. Depending on your personal preference, you may gravitate to one style or the other, OR, you might try something new. Yes girl…variety is the spice of life!
Don’t be afraid to choose bold.
This type of blouse, this fab statement necklace, the trousers, maybe a little unexpected, and then bringing it all together with this bag accessorized with the scarf, and those fab Scario’s finish it off in a bold way. Put it all together and this kind of look is an easy to wear outfit that goes day to night.
If big bold statement necklaces aren’t your thing, you could easily replace that with a few smaller scale, delicate necklaces layered together, OR, you can add a pendant or long strand to wear under the collar. Remember, accessories add YOUR personality to the look, don’t be afraid to finish your look in a way you love.
I loved the combination of this dark purple blouse in a satin like fabric, with a classic white trouser. I couldn’t decide what looked better, the wide leg, high waisted version, or the cigarette pant version, so I’ve included both for you! Depending on your personal preferenc, you might gravitate to one style or the other. Either way, it’s another great example of taking your Fall / Winter wardrobe (the top) and pairing it with your Spring / Summer (white trousers; but hey, you can wear white all year so...). Versatility at its finest!
The neutral laptop bag is a large scale piece; but because of the color and texture, it doesn’t compete with anything else. The shirt is bold, the necklace is bold, the trousers, unexpected, the neck scarf on the bag,  and then the Scario’s are also bold! But all together, it looks like an easy to wear outfit that goes day to night. I would say be prepared for many people to notice that shoe. 
Build your own Meet Me Anywhere look:
Blouse: grab the brightest / boldest color you have in your closet. That might be why you don’t wear it much; but let’s pull her out to try this look
Trousers: personal preference here for the style; but try for a really light, yet bright color. Tan or sand colors can work; but can also wash out a brighter color so they may not work with every option. While white isn’t practical for all of us, it’s such a nice bright and fresh contrast to the blouse.
Belt: something completely different from the colors in the outfit; but neutral tones. All black might be too harsh, so that’s why a snake or leopard motif goes with almost anything.
Accessories: Just like the Pegasus in the Agropoli style article, this beauty is called the Khalo from Stella & Dot. Chunky, sparkly and shiny; but understated since it’s worn under the collar. If big bold necklaces are too much for you, this is a GREAT way to start wearing them. Just showing a small part of a bigger piece. Neutral, patterned and textured laptop bag will go with ALL THE THINGS, just customize it with a pretty neck scarf.
Sandals: Scario Sandaly 
Somedays, you just want to soak up the sunshine, be outdoors and get some fresh air. Who doesn’t love a picnic where the kids can run around and play, you and your partner can snack on yummy treats you’ve packed, or you go solo and just get some serious quality time with yourself. Maybe read a book....
Photo Credit to @kathleenhoarephoto
This dress screams comfort. It’s full length, has a v-neck and back, and has an elasticized high waist. Here’s one of the ways to accessorize it to make it feel more casual, everyday style (because this type of dress can be dressed up or down for sure!)
To give it a weekend vibe, grab your favorite straw fedora, a gold delicate layered necklace with a little turquoise stone, which the color was also mimicked in the statement earrings. Sometimes you can use the accessories to tie everything together, without adding any other layers to the outfit. Which is GREAT news for any of you fab stylish gals who live in hotter parts of the world. 
A rattan or neutral colored belt with a tortoiseshell buckle stands out; but isn’t loud, while helping define a waistline, giving you shape. This one easily looks like it could have come with the dress; but it didn’t.
Even better, you can make it as tight or loose as you want, since it doesn’t have typical belt holes in it, so it is literally one size fits all. AWESOME for wanting to wear a belt on your natural waist, higher up, or low waisted! Making it a really great and versatile piece to own. 
With the spiral bracelet, it looks like multiple bangles or bracelets; but it’s one piece. The bronze of it lends to the color story of a burnt orange, neutral tones and bronze metallic sandals. That said if you are wanting to go bold, an oversized cuff or delicate chain bracelet just speaks to your personal style! 
Everything feels like it coordinates well, and speaks to the tone of the Scario Sandaly’s, which adds to this outfit being a seamless style. Whether your picnic is in the park near your house or in Scario, Italy, I’d say this look says you are ready for some chill time (while looking effortlessly chic)! Doughnut anyone?
Build your own Perfect Day for a Picnic look:
Dress: what’s the comfiest one in your closet? Let’s start with that!
Accessories: hats are the FUNNEST way to add style to any outfit. Straw versions scream picnic / Spring / Summer! Add a belt to create a more custom and polished outfit. This one can be fastened at any place in the belt so it will work whether you want to wear something high waisted, natural waist, or mid rise. A neutral tone on any color will be perfect. Touches of turquoise are a seasonal add. Statement earrings, delicate layer necklace is what I chose; but you can invert that and do delicate earrings and a chunky statement necklace. 
Doughnuts: the Canadian says Tim Hortons, haha!
Sandals: Scario Sandaly 
The bronze feathers, with denim, are an EASY pairing. Let’s have some fun with the top! Even if you are just heading out to do your running around, not expecting to see anyone or go anywhere special. When we look good we feel good, and that starts from the ground the  Scario is perfect.
Photo Credit to @kathleenhoarephoto
Add a flowy striped halter top like this one, and it can read as dressy (when adding a satin clutch like I did), or you could throw your everyday tote over your shoulder and get everything checked off your To Do list. Your feet will thank you for wearing something like these Sandaly’s.
The Scario will actually look amazing with any type of denim style you choose. I have skinny jeans on here; but you could wear them with straight leg, relaxed fit, boyfriend fit, mom jeans, cropped and even full length. The feather design over your toes will show when you walk, in any style of pant or long skirt, and that’s the fun part about putting looks together. When the interesting, unexpected details show up; but maybe aren’t the focal point. Yet once people see them, their curiosity is piqued, and now they are asking about those fab sandals!
Build your own Everyday Style look:
Top: find something fun, flowy, patterned and colors you think are super pretty!
Jeans: your fave pair girl. This look is all about stylish comfort
Belt: go neutral. The top, bag and shoes do the talking here
Accessories: either a gold pendant (a necklace too close to a halter top neck reads as too busy, we need to draw that eye down), or if your top doesn’t have a lot of shades of color, go for a pendant that does. Use a clutch that is a major pop, or add your neutral everyday satchel / tote / laptop bag
Shoes: Scario Sandaly 
When I saw these Scario Sandaly’s, I knew they would be versatile, because metallics are neutral. Did you know that? When you wear them, they will go with anything. Most any color (and considering these come in gold, bronze and rose gold, you are...well....golden.) and most any style of outfit. Casual vibe, yes. Woman on a mission, definitely. Evening and weekend outings, absolutely.
Sitting at an Italian cafe, sipping a delicious coffee and eating some delectable pastry, ummm, yes please; but realistically you may be heading to your kids sporting event or volunteering. Rest assured, these Sandaly’s will get you through all of it.
Find some of your metallic accessories and start wearing them more. Use the clutch more often. Add the belt to more looks. Wear the shoes with jeans and a T! If jewelry isn’t your thing, wearing your metallics more often is a great way to bring that extra detail to your look, in an easy to incorporate way. Start from the ground up!
When you get your Scario’s, we want to see it! Where will you wear them first? What style will you choose to show off? Create your looks and then post them on your social media, and be sure to tag @mysandaly and @tarynjmeyer so we can add your to our online Style Files! You’ll inspire us and all the other Sandaly lovers out there!
"Sometimes embracing change, and something as foreign as bright, bold color or even shiny, reflective fabrics isn’t in our comfort zones. Did you know that when we wear basics and neutral colors, it can be a “safe zone” for us. Sometimes it can mean that change is happening in other areas of our life, so we stick with what feels familiar in all the other areas. Including our wardrobe"
There’s something I love about that, and if I reflect back, I’ve done it. But when we are ready for change, for our evolution to our next self (life changes us friends, we can’t do anything about it!), embracing a few new habits, can slowly add up to us having more confidence and sense of self than we ever did before.
When you are ready to embrace change, I say start small, and a funky pair of shoes is an excellent place to start. They can be the color you would “never wear”, the pattern that feels too loud, or the shiny finish. I always say, fun statement shoes are the easiest style component to commit to. They are the furthest away from our face, and the funnest way to finish a look. But I assure you, if you give it a try, they will have you smiling, and add a little spring in your step! And bonus if it’s a comfy sandal!
xo Taryn Meyer for Method39
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