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Welcome to the Sandaly Style Guides, your destination for outfit combinations, wardrobe hacks and style confidence!! My name is Taryn Meyer, Style Advisor with Method39, and Sandaly has brought me here to show you ALL THE WAYS to step out in your new favorite footwear. I’m about to bring 13 years of fashion experience to you in this blog, and help you infuse versatility into every wardrobe so you can create multiple looks with each piece you own.


 You won’t just see the styles you love in action; but this will also be a place where we love to encourage personal growth, promote self confidence and empower women to look and feel their best. I assure you, we will not just show off the shoes; but showcase their versatility, how to create your own personal style, and how becoming the best you, starts one step at a time. And it starts now!


 Literally, this translates to “a wave of enthusiastic admiration; a craze” (via Google English Dictionary) and I couldn’t agree more. Who wouldn’t love a pair of Italian leather footwear that is incredibly easy to wear and style; but also packs a major style punch?

Well then this is your Sandaly.


Whether you are headed to work, a lunch, or heck, networking with some fellow MOM-preneurs, the Furore is prepared to take you there. This look is bright, fresh, and bold.


Everyone has a striped T-shirt! When is the last time you paired it with something OTHER than your denim or khaki pants? Girl, let’s give this super comfortable top an upgrade to add versatility. Pairing it with a fab poppy red trouser shows you aren’t afraid to attract attention.

 Sidenote: did you know, that the color red is often used to grab attention, and bright red will do that more so than a dark red?! (As per my Google Search of “does red attract people’s attention?”) SO, if you have an important presentation, are meeting a potential investor or just want to be in the spotlight, this color just might be your Power Move!

Can we just talk about how I added a belt here, when there were no belt loops?! I felt like I needed to put a bit more subtle visual break between the bold stripes and bold pants. Kind of works, right?

I added a really “extra” pair of jewel drop earrings to bring more color to my face, and some unexpected glam. The long gold pendant necklace is a V shape so helps to elongate the look, which balances that the stripes are horizontal. And the laptop bag, like you’ll see in many of our Style Files, is not just functional. It can be a major contributor to your personal style AND keep you organized for whatever comes your way.


The Furore, as a slide, is the EASIEST shoe to put on as you run out the door to start your day. It’s gold leather AND stones that have to be seen in real life to be truly appreciated. They finish the look by making it real clear, you are intentionally styled from head to toe.


Raise your hand if you just love the feel of silk compared to almost any other fabric? Yeah, me too! I love how it moves and drapes, so we need to make sure we take very good care of our high priced pieces, so they last us a very long time. This black silk tank top has been in my wardrobe for 5 years and I’ve worn it so many ways, this look being one of my favorite!


Heading out for date night? Give a style like this a try! This pleated pattered skirt has a handkerchief hem. That’s when the bottom hem is in a zig zag all the way around. It’s fabulous for showing off a little more leg in some places; but keeping the modesty in check for the rest. I personally think it’s one of my favorite hemlines and it’s flattering for everyone!

 To level this look up, it screams for a chunky statement necklace! Not only that, the large set stones of the necklace near my face, add a ton of sparkle and glam; but also mimic the large set stones of the Furore sandal. It’s continuity in the look without being really obvious about it.

 Finish it with bangles, a jewelry style watch and a textured metallic clutch, and you are ready for date night, ladies night, or whatever kind of night out you have planned!



 You know what I’m going to say. Wear this look wherever you darn well please! Some days, we want the comfort of our favorite denim; but don’t want to feel like we pair it with the same things all the time. So maybe give this combination of work wear and causal a try?


 Every woman should have a crisp / structured white button up shirt in their wardrobe. Gone are the days that you need this for the office only. NO WAY! I haven’t worked in a traditional office setting for 13 years, and I wear mine more now, that I ever did then.

I love a collar that stands up, so a firmer fabric is required. We aren’t looking for flow or movement with this one. We want the crisp, fresh pressed look. Adding as a light layer, I’ve taken this navy and white striped dress, and am wearing it as a vest. Turns out, it’s quite sheer, being white, so wearing it as a dress was never comfortable for me. So, I took it to the tailor, had them make a slit on both sides, and intend to wear it like this from now on.

The darker the denim, the more they can read as a trouser or business casual, so these are my favorite mid rise skinny jeans. They’ve got a bit of stretch in them so they make it easy to feel confident. I added a leopard print belt to factor in some detail (you know how much I love belts by now, right?!), and then accessorized with gold.

 Tell me, where would YOU wear this look to?



 What I want you to do is head into your wardrobe and look at each piece you have, with fresh eyes. How ELSE can you wear that piece? How can you get more bang for you style bucks, and NOT have to wait for a special occasion to wear some of your favorite things?!

 This might even include some tailoring! I have so many great examples of how I took a piece, and created it to be something different with a very small cost at a tailor, so make sure you are getting ALL the Method39 x Sandaly Style Guide articles in your inbox!


 Today is a great day to try something new. Go into your wardrobe, find a piece you LOVE. Even better if its a bold color. Now pair it with your Sandaly’s and show us what you’ve got! Tag us @mysandaly and @tarynjmeyer to be added to our Style Files!


Don’t ever be afraid or hesitant to try something new. Color is one of the BEST ways to infuse some life back into your wardrobe. Wear your MOST flattering shades near your face, I promise it will light you up! If you aren’t comfortable getting a bold colored top, I encourage you to grab a statement necklace with COLOR in it! Start with can go baby steps my friend. Every step, no matter how bit, is still a step in a new direction. OH, and this has happened to me….even if that go to T-shirt IS in your best color, if you’ve had it for a long time, there’s a great chance it’s seen better days. Perfect time to try something new?!

Liven up your look with pattern, and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it as a top, consider having it on your bottom half. I’m not sure I would have liked this skirt as much if the pattern was front and center, so the pleats, by design, interrupt it in a very stylish way. Maybe that could be a way to dip your toe into the “embracing pattern” pool!

There’s only one you in the world my friend. Don’t hide, we need your light!


xo Taryn Meyer for Method39



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