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Welcome to the Sandaly Style Guides, your destination for outfit combinations, wardrobe hacks and style confidence!! My name is Taryn Meyer, Style Advisor with Method39, and Sandaly has brought me here to show you ALL THE WAYS to step out in your new favorite footwear. I’m about to bring 13 years of fashion experience to you in this blog, and help you infuse versatility into every wardrobe so you can create multiple looks with each piece you own.


You won’t just see the styles you love in action; but this will also be a place where we love to encourage personal growth, promote self confidence and empower women to look and feel their best. I assure you, we will not just show off the shoes; but showcase their versatility, how to create your own personal style, and how becoming the best you, starts one step at a time. And it starts now!


 Sandaly is BRINGING the glam with a jewel encrusted snake dancing down your foot, to finish the look! There is no picture I could take that gives this design it’s full glittery glory; but here are some really easy ways to wear this look. While it may seem elaborate to some, to me, it gives full permission to add to even the most understated outfits!

Sometimes the dressier the shoe, the less extravagant the outfit. Nobody expects that; but when they see it, they can’t help but stop and stare. So treat yourself to a mani pedi and let’s go!


Let’s take those Italian leather Sandaly shoes out in the fresh air, maybe some low twinkle lights strung across the sky and a glass of your favorite thing to sip sparkling in your glass. I’ll take champagne please, and you?!



This dress is most definitely a neutral; but it really packs a style punch. I’ve had this piece for over six years. It is incredibly comfortable and incorporates ALL of my favorite design details in a dress. Curious? Here’s what they are.

 For me, I find a V neck to be my most flattering. I like how it gives a more open neckline to my face, a V automatically elongates the look, and at 5’4” I’ll take all the fake height I can get! STYLE TIP, the different necklines can actually be more suited to you based on how wide your shoulders are! If you have narrow shoulders, try a crew neck or boat neck, to broaden the line vertically. If you have broad shoulders or square shoulders, try a scoop or V neck to elongate the look like I do!

I added this belt just for detail. There is drawstring on the side of this dress so I cinch it in, then tuck it under the belt so it’s not hanging down.

And the most flattering thing about this dress is the high-low hemline. I know I said the hankerchief hem was the most flattering; but this one is also at the top of my list. The fabric is so soft and flowy that I actually feel like I’m floating when I walk in this. What, I ask you, is better than that?! Need a boost of confidence? Get a dress that can do that, pair it with some super glam Minori’s and off... you...go!



Ladies, we know we dress for each other, so a girls night is the perfect place for a look like this. You may look buttoned up and straight laced from the front; but with a full open back, this look says you are ready for some fun!



I am SUPER excited to share this little style tid bit with you, as you are going through your wardrobe wondering what to pair with your new Sandaly’s. THIS top, was actually a minidress that I absolutely never wore. I’m not even sure why I got it, because it was far too short for my liking these days. So there it hung. In my closet. For over 2 years. UNTIL....I realized a quick and easy trip to the tailor would make this piece VERY wearable! And here it is!

 Don’t take your clothes so literally, make them work for you! And if you have to reimagine them to do that, there are no rules about what you can and can’t change in your closet! My only word of advice is if you are trying to alter something down more than 2 sizes, be careful. This big of an adjustment, based on the piece, can interfere with the integrity of the piece, and may not come back looking exactly like the larger version piece you took in, so be sure to discuss with your tailor first.

 I paired this with a super casual pair of high waisted skinny jeans, and the frayed, rolled bottoms are 100% casual, everyday style.  Grab some statement earrings, or good old hoops like I did, your favorite arm party, and that’s all you need. Even though this bag is a very similar color to what is in the top, I loved that it was faux leather AND textured to add more detail to the look. The characteristics of this bag don’t make it blend in; but rather, make it pop. Effortless style takes effort my friend; but after spending time here, you’ll have your Method to Style down pat!



How easy is this?! If you can’t tell, navy is one of my favorite colors. I feel like blue is a power color, and primary shades are the most flattering to me. Find the one that works that hard for you, and it will make getting ready for last minute plans SUPER easy!




While the top of this is lace, and has a V neck incorporated in it, I also added the little knot at the bottom to give it an unmistakable casual vibe; but also show off those fab Minori’s. I mean, you just cannot hide those.

 Finishing this look can be as easy as a long mixed metal pendant and bangles. The pendant adds detail and shine with the silver and gold, and creates a long lean line for the look. Keeping that straw fedora on hand to make sure the sun stylishly stays out of our eyes is a sure sign of everyday style. Perfect for heading to an outdoor market to grab your favorite bundle of blooms.

 Doesn’t this giant bouquet of happiness make you smile? If you haven’t in a while, treat yourself to a bundle of big bold colors. That’s what I did, and now my place smells amazing and they sit here beside me while I type this. What a great reminder that our own evolution may be slow growth; but is worth watering and nurturing every day. Slow and steady, just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!



I know I said it earlier; but this is an action item that is worth repeating. How many pieces do you own, that you never wear; but can’t get rid of? How many of those could turn into your new favorite piece with something as simple as a sleeve or sides taken in so they aren’t overwhelming or so boxy? Or making a dress a shirt, or a skirt, because you just don’t have anywhere to wear it as one piece? Or a neckline changed, or a hem shortened? The options are endless!


Let’s see your creativity!! Whether you created a brand new look with pieces you’ve never paired together before, OR, you reinvented a piece you thought you’d never get to wear again...take a selfie, and tag us! Both @mysandaly and @tarynjmeyer to be shared on our online Style Files!


What I know for sure, is fit and flatter is far more important than a trend or a brand. Every woman can be incredibly stylish without breaking the bank on a particular brand. If you can take some of your favorite pieces, and create a wardrobe custom made for you, that alone will set your style apart!

 I strongly encourage you to not wait for some moment in the future to make some adjustments to what you’ve already got. Now is the PERFECT time to look and feel your best. I believe that with all my heart, that when we put off things that will build our own self confidence, and give us the feeling we are empowered and powerful, it’s a way of saying we aren’t worthy of those things right now. Well sister, nothing could be further from the truth.

 When you look good, you feel good. Yes, you do, because when you get a random glimpse of yourself in the day, and like what you see, you stand a little taller. When you feel good, you do good. You’re ready for a challenge, feel confident and productive. No matter if that is in the boardroom or when you are scheduling the after school activities and meal planning for the week. What you do is important and so are you. No harm at all, if you look good doing it!

xo Taryn Meyer for Method39



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