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Welcome to the Sandaly Style Guides, your destination for outfit combinations, wardrobe hacks and style confidence! My name is Taryn Meyer, Style Advisor and Creator of Method39, and Sandaly has brought me here to show you DIFFERENT WAYS to step out in your new favorite footwear. I’m about to bring 13 years of fashion experience to you in this blog, and help you infuse versatility into every wardrobe so you can create multiple looks with each piece you own.
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You won’t just see the styles you love in action; but this will also be a place where we love to encourage personal growth, promote self confidence and empower women to look and feel their best. We want to showcase versatility, how to create your own personal style, and how becoming the best you, starts one step at a time. And it starts now!
Do you love to add glam to EVERY look you wear? Whether in a simple white T and jeans like above, or some dressier styles coming, this Ischia Sandaly has A LOT to say. Which look will you love best? Let’s get to it.
What Social Media would have people think anyone staying at, or working from home mom’s might be doing throughout the day. Ahh, sorry. Not so much, am I right?! But once in a while, it’s nice to catch a moment, where we put up our very sparkly feet, and say, “hold my calls”. 
Linen is a classic Summer fabric, and when it’s in black, it crosses over a few more seasons, doesn’t show the wrinkles that are sure to come from wearing it quite as much, and when in a jumpsuit like this, makes getting dressed happen in record time.
Black is a super easy choice to wear with these Ischia sandals (can we all just give some extra love to the top strand of jewels that attaches like an anklet, so no matter the size of your ankle, it will be a perfect fit?). A summery fabric with a chunky glam sandal actually balances out nicely! 
After you get home from running those errands, connecting with new friends over lunch, or just checking off that To Do list outside the house, come home and put your feet up friend. Is there anything more indulgent or rewarding than stealing a few quiet moments at home before the hustle and bustle of school pick-up and everything that comes after, starts?! I know it’s one of MY fave things.
We’ve all had those moments where they are short lived, so if you have to sit on your back patio, sipping a quick coffee and just sitting in silence for 15 minutes before you have to get back to it, keep your Sandaly’s on, kick up your feet, and chill. 
Build your own Hold My Calls Look:
Jumpsuit: a black linen one is chosen here. It came with a matching black sash; but I switched it out for a meatball skinny belt. Have you tried that with your jumpsuit or one-piece outfits? Might make them feel a little more fitted and fresh
Accessories: a long silver pendant copies the shape of the V neck. This could also look great with a statement piece or layers of chains.  I love adding metallics to this look to give detail, shine and bring some of the glam from the Sandaly’s, up
Sandals: Sandaly Ischia
While the jeweled Ischia say a lot, don’t let them hog the mike. With this next look, we add in plaid and satin. There’s something super cool about how it looks all together and a look like this can have you taking on the day with your head held high. Who doesn’t want a look like that in their wardrobe?!
It’s kind of nice to wear your office / work wear with a comfortable shoe, isn’t it? A block heel gives way more support, a manageable height to get through the busy day without pain. Or go speak onstage in that panel. Or record that interview for your YouTube video or podcast. Show up looking like you are ready to own the day! 
The blue top is an awesome pairing with this look, as the stones in the Ischia can shine in that same tone if the light hits it just right. Cool, right?! Not only that, this is one of my favorite colors to wear, and it’s that shiny fabric that I keep saying is so flattering for us. As you start to redefine your Method to Style, you’ll start to find your favorite things too.
The details on these trousers definitely set them apart from any other plain pants. From a pleated front, pockets, and tapered ankle. It actually is the perfect style for any embellished sandal like Ischia. Why would we want to hide any of that glam?!
Accessorizing I went and added another pattern! How comfortable are you with pattern mixing? Do you do it very often or do you prefer to stick to one pattern per look? Don’t be afraid to try wearing things that don’t look like they belong together. Using this faux snake bag as a clutch, keeps it up close to the blue top, and not necessarily against the plaid trouser, so it kind of works! 
Want something more simple? Go with a metallic (pewter) be coordinate with the tones, a black bag will be very conservative or a neutral / nude tone will allow the plaid to be the only pattern in your look.
Photo credits: @kathleenhoarephoto
Throw on some mixed metal necklaces and you are good to go! Get playful with your wardrobe, my friends. Pair unexpected combinations. Wear a sparkly shoe. Pattern mix. You won’t know if you love it, if you don’t try! 
Build your own High Stepping look:
Blouse: let’s go for a glam one if you can! By now you’ve seen a few examples of what I have in my closet and they just add that touch of polish regular fabric can’t. Not only that they reflect light up to your face, and as we’ve said before, that’s ALWAYS a good thing.
Trousers: find some that are patterned, or an original design, or both together! I’m willing to bet there is a pair of trousers in our wardrobe that you DO NOT wear because you have no idea where to wear them or what to pair with them. Grab them and let’s try the unexpected
Accessories: add your personality with them. Go matchy matchy with the stones on the sandals, or go for a statement piece, long pendant or do the buttons up all the way and wear something under the collar!
Bag: if you don’t have any funky patterned bags, I recommend keeping your eyes peeled for end of season sales. That way you can grab a piece outside your comfort zone for a discount, and add that little bit of personality and flair to set your look apart; but not feel like you went outside your budget to get it!
No matter you age, your style or what phase of life you are in, EVERY woman needs a showstopper dress. Yes, the little black dress is essential. The evening gown might even be something you have in your closet; but let’s find you a show stopper that can be pulled out for date night, or even layered and worn more casually. Wear the dress my friends!
In store this looked navy; but once out in natural light it definitely took on a more eggplant shade, which is gorgeous! Another great example of making sure you see your pieces in natural light to get their true shade. Those fluorescent lights in stores aren’t always flattering to our complexions. 
Oh, you want to go out for a spontaneous dinner, dear? No problem, I’ll be ready in a flash!
Having a hem that is midi length is universally flattering, and a slit up the side makes this more than a day dress; but also shows off the Ischias Sandaly the best way possible. 
Some outfits make you feel like you are walking in slow motion, you feel so great in them, and you SHOULD! Not every outfit we put on will do that for us; but it’s sure great to have an outfit that has us wanting to power pose in the middle of the street, you know? No matter what age we are.
While I’ve shared this piece as a night out dress, here’s just a few of the other ways you could wear it with these sparkly sandals:
Other ways to style your sparkly Sandaly:
With a cropped, super soft, slightly oversized sweater
With a denim or moto leather jacket
Belted with a boyfriend blazer
With a graphic T knotted on the side
Find a dress that will work THAT hard for you, and you’ll always have a place to wear it!
Build your own Show Stopper look:
Dress: start with a color you love a lot, and looks great on you. Our complexion can change over the years so what was a go to color in your 20’s, may not be the same in your 40’s. Give new ones a try!
Accessories: what’s the mood you want to portray? What tones do you want to incorporate into the solid color look? Here are all mixed metals, like in the sandals to give continuity to the look from head to toe. You could decide to go bold color though! Maybe pair with yellow / golden yellow for a completely different vibe
Bag: metallic pleated faux snakeskin clutch adds texture, pattern and interest when held against the solid color
Sandals: Ischia Sandaly 
All of the looks in today’s article kind of encourage you to embrace a little glam in your everyday life, don’t you think?! The first one is a super casual and easy to wear linen. The second is work wear with a twist, and the last is a great; but super versatile dress! 
The action item this week is simply to go into your wardrobe, find something professional / fancy / glam you have, and find a way to wear it more often. Even if it starts with a shoe like Ischia that feels like it’s only for special occasions; but was DESIGNED for everyday style! 
It’s easy to add fancy sandals to jeans and a white T; but I want you to get creative and put a look together that you wouldn’t have paired before.
Quite simply, show us your glam! There are a million ways to show off those fancy Sandaly’s you love, so share it with @mysandaly and @tarynjmeyer so we can celebrate your gorgeous style and share it on our Style Files!!
At the time of writing this, it’s been over a year of living with COVID-19, and that has drastically changed our need or ability to go out. All the reasons and places we would look forward to dressing up for aren’t as available to us, depending on where you live, so the slightest urge to wear nice things falls to the wayside. Well, scratch that, we may WANT to; but what’s’ the point? Every day is the same, right? Even Zoom meetings only show us from the waist up, so whatever!
I want to encourage you to start going through your wardrobe and redefining what your style is. It won’t be like this forever, so when the world opens up, you’ll be ready! Be honest. What pieces do you really love; but never wear? Can they be re-introduced into rotation, or do they need to be reimagined and go to the tailor? Or have they done their part and can now be passed on, or donated, so someone else can benefit from them? We may THINK we have a ton of clothes; but not every piece is an actual option to wear, so a good edit might help you realize the hidden gems you have, and the items that just don’t serve you anymore. 
Not only that, if there is anything you are saving; but does not fit right now, remove it from your line of sight. It’s not an option, YET! But if you are struggling or putting off your wellness goals right now, that’s ok! Give yourself some grace, girl. Just taking them out of your closet will allow you to only see what DOES work at the moment. Then you won’t feel negative feelings when you come across cute pieces you want to wear; but can’t just yet. Don’t beat yourself up my friend. Instead, create something like a “Fancy Friday”! Or a “Turn it Up Tuesday”, where you wear WHATEVER puts a spring in your step.
I’m not kidding! Even if you are just running small errands, going to the bank / grocery store / post office or spending the day at home! Days and days in our “comfies” may have been a dream before all of this; but turns out, it can just have us feeling frumpy in sweats and a topknot.
So take one day a week back and make it all about you! Get your family involved! Hair will be combed, faces put on, outfits sporting some glam, and sit down to dinner. Set the table, add sparkling beverages to stemware for everyone to feel fancy, and compliment each other on how nice you all look. 
Whatever you do, get out there and look good doing it!!
xo Taryn Meyer for Method39
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