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Welcome to the Sandaly Style Guides, your destination for outfit combinations, wardrobe hacks and style confidence!! My name is Taryn Meyer, Style Advisor with Method39, and Sandaly has brought me here to show you ALL THE WAYS to step out in your new favorite footwear. I’m about to bring 13 years of fashion experience to you in this blog, and help infuse versatility into every wardrobe so you can create multiple looks with each piece you own.
You won’t just see the styles you love in action; but this will also be a place where we love to encourage personal growth, promote self confidence and empower women to look and feel their best. I assure you, we will not just show off the shoes; but showcase their versatility, how to create your own personal style, and how becoming the best you, happens one step at a time. And it starts now!
First of all, Italian made. I think there is just something incredibly luxe about Italian Leather, and Sandaly has given us a range of incredible, wearable sandals. Each model attracts attention in its own way, let’s get started!
Sorrento has that incredible Sandaly sole, and three straps of sparkly joy for your outfit. I love how she can be sassy, subtle or your everyday go to.
Whether you work in a business casual office, are an entrepreneur on the go, or a Mom who is running the family, your shoe has to be functional. But let’s not forget about Stylish!
I would say this outfit of white tank and cargo / khaki pants,  could be considered neutral, and one almost everyone already has in their closet; but the details added make it stand out, which is where your personality can shine! The high waisted cargo pants are super comfortable for everyday, and definitely a day to night trouser.
I swapped out the fabric camo green belt that came with them, and added a faux snake skin print skinny belt.
Next I took a flowy white racer back tank top and tucked it in. Women with broad shoulders, or you just happen to love yours, this is a great style for you. For women with more narrow shoulders, a top with a bit of a flutter sleeve to add visual volume will be very flattering.
This isn’t your typical denim jacket. I love to encourage women to look for ways to set your style apart, and for me it’s always in the details. Right down to the shoes (of course!). This jacket is almost like a puffed sleeve shirt, with volume in the arm, shorter sleeves that are easily pushed up (let’s you show off your bracelet arm party better!), and a fitted bodice. You can’t help but love how it levels up the style in this outfit!
But we aren’t done yet! Throw on some fun earrings, a colorful pendant necklace, and don’t forget your laptop bag (styled with a colorful scarf of course!). This bag has shine and texture which also adds to the overall look, and then when you pair all of this with the effortless shimmer on the Sorrento, that’s a look you can be taken seriously and get things done in.
Once in a while we want to dress up and feel pretty. But what do we do, when we don’t want to wear heels? I say grab your Sorrento’s and add them to a long flowy dress, so that when you walk, the shimmer of the sandal peeks out as unexpected glam. You’ll look and feel like a million bucks, and your feet will thank you for it!
This dress says a lot all on it’s own, so you can either go with a sparkly glam earring, or a fun green one like I did here, to coordinate with the green in the dress! The high neckline and bow are already busy, so I chose not to add a necklace; but you can surely add a few sparkly bangles. Anything metallic, without or without jewels, is adding detail, texture and shine. No outfit should be without it.
So whether you dress up to go for lunch with the girls, date night with your partner, or need to head to the office or Internet cafe to get some work done, you can pair it with a fun green bag like I did here, or get yourself a pretty laptop bag. Either way, you and your Sorrento’s are ready for anything.
If you are able to get away, and enjoy a resort or destination holiday where the beach vibes call your name, here’s how Sorrento can bring the style.
For this look, I’ve taken a flowy, striped, backless sundress, and styled it two ways. One is a bit more glam, so maybe to wear to your dinner reservations. The shimmer in the material of this dress gives us permission to either be subtle with how we finish the look, or not.
I paired it with a long gold delicate lariat necklace and let it hang down the back. I find when there is a high racer back neckline like this, it can sometimes be difficult to add a necklace. So, I just turn it around! I love a look where parts of your outfit move and flow when you walk. Between this dress, the necklace and these fabulous sparkly Sorrento’s peeking out as you walk, you’ll feel like you are ten feet tall. And quick tip, anything that has shimmer or even sequins on it, and is worn up by our face, just reflects light up and gives us a glow like nothing else! So don’t just save for a special occasion....
To make it more daytime, add a fedora (we all know the many styles of sun hats available now help us keep the sun off our face while making us look effortlessly chic, am I right?) Maybe add something like this casual grommet belt to change the shape of the dress, and grab lunch, take a guided tour or just chill.
Try wearing a belt with a look, even if it’s not for function. You don’t even have to see the whole thing, especially with front tuck or layering (all that coming soon!). It can add a texture, pattern, pop of color, create a waistline and just present a polished look.
For women with a longer torso, you can have a belt with width to help create a beautiful hourglass shape (even if you don’t naturally have one). When you have a longer body, adding a wider belt is in proportion with both your top and bottom.
Alternatively, petite or women with a shorter torso, may find the skinnier belts to be more flattering and in keeping with proportions. If it’s too wide, it can overpower your top half.
I encourage every woman to have a metallic, textured leather, colored and animal print belt in their wardrobe! Once you do, you can start experimenting with not only how they look with your trousers and denim; how they look over dresses, jumpsuits and skirts!
This is the fun part! YOU show US what you’ve created as an outfit to wear with your Sandaly’s! Go into your wardrobe, try a few new things, find a new look with what you’ve already got, and voila! Take a selfie and tag @mysandaly and @tarynjmeyer on Instagram for us to share on our Style Files! We want to see your creativity shine and share it to inspire others too!
While I really hope you found some great style inspiration with outfits created to help show off the Sorrento, I want to talk about finding your Method to Style. It’s something that changes as we go through life, and we should never be hesitant or resistant to finding out what our style evolves into! Trends come and go, and we will change our mind on ALL KINDS OF THINGS in life, and our style isn’t exempt from that.
As the years go by, we know ourselves better, our body shape changes and we get clearer on what we like and what we don’t. Often times, we don’t even realize it, or just don’t know how to get out of the style rut. Well, Method39 and Sandaly have you covered sister, so stay here to get a regular dose of style inspiration and actionable Style Tips so you can regain your confidence and redefining your personal style right now.
We don’t believe in waiting until the day “when” you think it will work best. There is no better time to look and feel your best than TODAY! So let’s do this! So glad you are here and see you next time!
Huge thank you to Sandaly for bringing me aboard to share all things style with you. I’m so excited for all that is to come!
xo Taryn Meyer for Method39
Instagram: @tarynjmeyer
Facebook: @method39
Pinterest: @method39

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